JRM Racing narrowly missed out on the semi-finals

Riga, LAT – 2.10.16: JRM Racing narrowly missed out on the semi-finals at the tenth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship at Riga in Latvia as British driver Guy Wilks set an impressive sixth fastest time in adverse weather conditions on Sunday morning, by leading his race throughout to claim victory.

Only a delay on the start line in Q4 prevented Loco Energy Drink-supported Guy from making his first semi-final of the season in the #37 car, while Guerlain Chicherit continued his World RX learning process in his first day of driving the #65 two-litre MINI RX Supercar in such extreme wet conditions.

Monster Energy Athlete Guerlain ran second to Guy for much of their Q3 race but also suffered from a start line problem in Q4 and was unable to capitalise on the lessons learned in Q3. The French driver finished the event just outside the top 20, while Guy was 14th overall at the Intermediate Classification, within touching distance of the semi-finals.

Guy Wilks said: “I’ve never driven the car with the wet setup, but the team is quite confident of the baseline and we went out there and set a good time, so that is a definite positive to take from the weekend. Q3 included quite a big moment when we hit a puddle and lost the best part of a handful of seconds, but we had good pace.

“It’s very unfortunate about the delay at the start of Q4. We didn’t have the right setup for the track conditions there and that put us on the back foot. We’re still discovering things with the car and we need to build our knowledge for different conditions.

“We had an opportunity with the pace with Q3 to have a great result and it’s just a huge shame for me, my sponsors and the team that we were not able to qualify for the semi-finals when we clearly showed today that we had the performance to do that.”